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Love is Truth

Love is Truth

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Love is Truth

This DVD contains two episodes:

" Love is a Garden"

In this delightful episode, Bishop Fulton J. Sheen draws correlations between love and marriage and a flower garden. He speaks of courtship as being a seed catalog, the proposal as choosing the flower, the marriage as planting the seed, and the trials of marriage as the seasons that pass over this mature garden. Through metaphors and poetry, Bishop Sheen paints with words a charming portrait of love.

"Are We More Neurotic Today?"

Bishop Fulton J. Sheen handles the difficult issue of neurosis with his usual grace and humor. As a result of today's philosophy, Bishop Sheen conjectures that the youth of this nation suffer from this condition in greater numbers. Today's society is using more intense experience as the basis for what they do, rather than using a standard of what is right.The impact of modern worries and excesses negatively affect our happiness, but a good, healthy philosophy of life will keep us on track to overcome fears, worries and compulsive habits.

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