About Us

The Fulton J. Sheen Company, Inc. offers a subscription streaming service and purchasable DVD episodes of Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen's TV series, Life Is Worth Living and The Fulton Sheen Program. Our video-on-demand service and DVD materials are available to purchase here, with hopes that they bring Bishop Sheen's spirit and message into your daily lives.

The Last Will & Testament of Fulton J. Sheen bequeathed all library manuscripts, files, kinescopes and video tapes to St. Bernard's Seminary, now known as St. Bernard’s School of Theology and Ministry.

With the intent of preserving Sheen’s message, William G. McDonnell Sr., licensed the rights of all 250 episodes produced and was able to salvage and digitally remaster 130 episodes to allow people access to Sheen’s timeless wisdom.

Carrying on McDonnell’s hopes, in addition to offering programs on DVD, we now offer streaming and video-on-demand options to have Archbishop Sheen’s message live on. 

We hope you enjoy Archbishop Sheen's timeless message.