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Faith, Hope, and Love...But the Greatest of These is Love- Set of 4

Faith, Hope, and Love...But the Greatest of These is Love- Set of 4

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This boxed set includes four, 55 minute DVDs. Each DVD contains two episodes.

Love is Faith DVD includes: "Ages of Man" and "Psychology of Temptation"

"Ages of Man" - Drawing from Shakespeare, Bishop Fulton J. Sheen studies the seven ages of man. Man progresses through various stages of life as he grows from infancy to old age. Progression through life has been studied from many different perspectives, but all growth shares common characteristic according to works from Confucius, Solomon, Modern Psychology and Biology. This episode also speaks to the pilgrimage we are on as we fulfill our destiny.
"Psychology of Temptation"- Using illustrations and personal stories, Bishop Sheen teaches how temptation to sin grows from the act, to the habit, to the compulsion. Learn how compulsion is not a sickness or disease, but rather sin, and how with God we can live a life of obedience.

Love is Hope DVD includes: "Hope for a Wounded World" and "False Compassion"

"Hope for a Wounded World" - Join Bishop Fulton J. Sheen as he discusses some of the causes of hopelessness- the "God is Dead" philosophy, violence and secularism. Using the biblical references, Bishop Sheen shows how hope can spring forth out of the worst and most potent moments just as Christ died for us and rose again. Although our world may be wounded and divided, these wounds are not fatal.
"False Compassion" - In this timeless program, Bishop Fulton J. Sheen explains the two types of compassion. He begins by relating the parable of the Good Samaritan to illustrate the correct type of compassion, or true compassion. Then he discusses compassion that is false, where the perpetrator, instead of the victim, is pitied. Bishop Sheen draws a correlation between false compassion and increased crime rates prevalent in society. 

Love is Truth DVD includes: "Love is a Garden" and "Are We More Neurotic Today?"

"Love is a Garden" - In this delightful episode, Bishop Fulton J. Sheen draws correlations between love and marriage and a flower garden. He speaks of courtship as being a seed catalog, the proposal as choosing the flower, the marriage as planting the seed, and the trials of marriage as the seasons that pass over this mature garden. Through metaphors and poetry, Bishop Sheen paints with words a charming portrait of love.
"Are We More Neurotic Today?" - Bishop Fulton J. Sheen handles the difficult issue of neurosis with his usual grace and humor. As a result of today's philosophy, Bishop Sheen conjectures that the youth of this nation suffer from this condition in greater numbers. Today's society is using more intense experience as the basis for what they do, rather than using a standard of what is right.The impact of modern worries and excesses negatively affect our happiness, but a good, healthy philosophy of life will keep us on track to overcome fears, worries and compulsive habits. 

Love is Eternal DVD includes: "Touch of Your Hand" and "Intimacies of Love"

"The Touch of Your Hand" - In this inspiring episode, Bishop Fulton J. Sheen speaks about one method of communication - touch. Even God, in the form of Jesus, came to earth to physically touch mankind with His love. In this likeness, we should actively reach out to touch others, making the anonymous personal which will have a positive effect on society.

"Intimacies of Love" - Beginning with humor and ending with a blessing, this program compliments the previous program dealing with communication of love. Bishop Fulton J. Sheen, with great wisdom, talks about Jesus Who embodied true love. As He dwelt among us during His earthly ministry, Jesus showed us how to love through speech, vision and touch.

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